Steve Scheuring Real Estate Team

Selling Your Home Yourself

Making an informed decision

If you are planning on selling your home you may be debating whether or not to try to sell it yourself. Of course selling your own home is more difficult than you may think and requires so much more than just putting a sign on the lawn and waiting for buyers to start rolling in. There are many important things you need to be aware of and plan for. I have a great deal of experience selling homes, it's what I do and it's what I'm best at! Let my expertise work for you to find the perfect prospective buyer and get your home sold hassle free.

I'm here to help

There are quite a few steps involved when selling your home, it takes time and commitment. It's almost a full time job, in fact selling your home is my full time job! When you hire me as your Realtor you have someone on your team whos priority is selling your home. I have every resource necessary and numerous contacts in the industry so you can relax and let me do the hard work for you, while you focus on the important things in your life like work, family and friends.

I am an expert in my field

When you hire me as your Realtor you get more than just a sales person. You get a real estate expert. I have years of experience selling homes, not just any homes, Oak Park and River Forest homes! I can analyze your homes worth as well as offer you a Comparative Market Analysis to compare your house with other houses that have recently sold in your area. Pricing your property, deciding when to list and how to get your house ready to sell are all key aspects of selling your house. Don't make these important decisions without a professional!

I save you time and hassle

As your agent I am on the front lines of talking to prospective buyers. As a Realtor I can offer your house more exposure on the market and therefore create a higher potential client base. I am in contact with every possible lead and every person who has a question about your house, big or small.  My experience and expertise make me  well equipped to answer these questions and determine who is a serious buyer. Selling your home can be a very emotional experience, I am here to offer support and make sure it is as pain free as possible!

All the small details

Selling a home means paperwork, and lots of it! I am skilled in reading contracts and sensitive to any fine print or small details that you may dismiss as unimportant. It is my job to make sure that your contract includes everything you need and works in your best interest. I am adept at negotiating deals and am willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your sale. Don't get
frustrated trying to make sure you have completed all the appropriate forms, let me do the dirty work for you!

If you feel that you are the best possible candidate to sell your own home, please give me a chance to give you a sense of it's true market value. Let me do a quick Comparative Market Analysis and I'll let you know what it's worth. I will also give you a plan of how I would market and sell your home free of charge with no commitment.