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Free School Reports & The Scoop On Local Schools


Below is all you will need to get familiar with the Oak Park and River Forest public school systems and some of the private programs within the communities. My written stuff below summarizes the systems and the links will give you that final detail. Remember, I attended some of these schools growing up in the OPRF area. I also have begun sending my own kids into these schools. If you want me to send you copies of the school report cards just fill out the form below.

Oak Park

Oak Park might not rank as high for their public school system as River Forest but I feel Oak Park offers the most complete package to serve a family from playschool, preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and on to high school.

A few years ago, Oak Park completed a $60 million physical and curriculum upgrade of its schools. The public elementary and middle schools are divided into districts. This means where you live decides what schools you will attend and there are rarely any exceptions. Some of the schools score or rate better than others so obviously this translates into some districts being more desirable to live in than others. When I take you for your first tour of Oak Park and to look at some homes we can discuss this at length at that time.

I attended Pilgrim Nursery School, Bye School kindergarten, St. Giles 1-8th, and St. Ignatius College Prep for high school. My daughters have attended YMCA Scampers & Wiggles program (awesome experience), 1st United Church Nursery School (again an awesome experience) and are now both at Oak Park's Holmes Elementary. My wife, Julie, and I have been very impressed with Holmes. District 97 is a fantastic school system. I have a 4yr old boy in his last year of 1st United Nursery School. Oak Park public schools

River Forest

The River Forest public school system is small and very successful in providing a top notch education and producing some impressive scores and ratings. At the time I am writing this - the River Forest public middle school (Roosevelt) ranks #3 in the state. River Forest (as well as Oak Park) also has a number of outstanding private schools like Montessori programs (Keystone, Alquin, Intercultural). Keep in mind River Forest is more expensive to purchase in than Oak Park. Their excellent school system is one of the reasons why..

Elmwood Park

The Elmwood Park school system is nothing to overlook as it is currently ahead of state and national averages. The system consists of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The website link below for Elmwood Park district 401 is very comprehensive!
Elmwood park school system

Oak Park, River Forest and Elmwood Park School Links

    •    Oak Park Public Schools
    •    River Forest Public Schools
    •    Oak Park/River Forest Public High School
    •    Fenwick High School in Oak Park
    •    Trinity High School in River Forest (all female)
    •    St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago
    •    Elmwood Park Public Schools
    •    St. Vincent Ferrer Elementary School, River Forest
    •    St. Luke Elementary School, River Forest
    •    St. Giles Elementary School, Oak Park
    •    St. Edmunds Elementary School, Oak Park
    •    Ascension Elementary School, Oak Park
    •    Alcuin Montessori, Oak Park
    •    Keystone Montessori, River Forest
    •    West Suburban Montessori, Oak Park
    •    Intercultura Montessori, Oak Park

Local Universities

    •   Dominican University
    •   Concordia University