Steve Scheuring Real Estate Team

How Much is Your Home Worth?

Thinking of selling?

If you are considering selling your Oak Park or River Forest home, the most important thing to know is how much your house is worth. Home buyers are always trying to get the lowest price possible and you must know that your home is priced according to market value so you can be confident that you will sell your home and get the price that it is worth.

Your Comparitive Market Analysis

Letting me do a quick Comparitive Market Analysis (CMA) for you is the perfect way to find out what your home is worth. I will do research on homes that have sold within the last six months in the area as well as what is currently on the market in order to get a feel for what is happening in the real estate market in your neighborhood.  Comparing your house to similar houses that have sold recently is the best way to help me determine what your house is worth.  It is difficult to compare a tri-level home to a single-story home or a condo to a 200 acre farm. Listings can also vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. I search for recently sold homes that closely match your home's profile in order to make an informed decision on your property's worth.

Making sure the price is right

By far one of the worst home selling mistakes a seller can make is hanging the wrong price tag on their home. If a home is priced too high, buyers won't look at it. If it's priced too low, you could be unnecessarily giving away profits. Pricing a home is both a science and an art. The Comparative Market Value is just one important piece in the puzzle. I also take into consideration market movement, demand and supply and the home's location and condition when I analyze your home's value. Often sellers who want to "Test the market" by overpricing their house and seeing what's out there, get stung when they have to reduce the price. As a top Realtor I can give you a free estimate of what your home is worth and your best listing price in todays market.

Increasing your home's salability

There are other things you can do to increase your home's worth. Making sure your property puts it's best face forward is an important part of making your house appealing and getting it sold! I will work with you and teach you the easy things you can do to increase your home's overall potential. From removing clutter and doing small repairs, to re-arranging furniture and cleaning windows so the sun shines in. Remember when selling your house perspective buyers should be able to picture themselves happy living there and making it their home. It's my job to help you realize the potential things that will both appeal to buyers and get you, the seller the greatest profit.

No Strings attached

I am confident that our expertise will give you an edge when choosing to list your house as I have years of experience and success analyzing the market and preparing CMAs for clients. This is a completely free service that I am happy to do for you. Give me the chance to prove that I will work for you by providing me with some basic information on your home. I will promptly get back to you.